Cab industry's criminal links to the fore

February 14, 2011

Travel facilities provided by organizations to the staff of a 24/7 BPO services company is arguably one of two most critical facilities that go into the smooth functioning of this business. Over the past several years, security agencies have been shouting themselves hoarse over criminals gaining entry into this lucrative business of offering cabs to BPOs.

In what is likely to raise the hackles of the BPO industry, yet another such incident that establishes an unholy nexus between criminals and the cab providers has come out into the open in the national capital of New Delhi.

The Delhi Police booked Anil Chillar, one of the city's largest cab vendors for the BPO industry, in a case of attempted murder. Reports in the Times of India newspaper said Chillar's business partner Devender Singh had earlier been arrested on similar charges.

The latter had since obtained bail, but the newspaper quotes anonymous officials to state that Chillar may not find things that easy. The man, known across the industry by his nickname 'Pradhan' (Presiding Officer), has been charged with assaulting Uttam Kumar singh, a close relative of a senior official with the Delhi Police.

The duo of Chillar and Singh reportedly own at least seven large transport companies in the national capital region (NCR) that provides cab facilities to BPO companies. Some of their known assets include Lord Krishna Travels, Sunrise Travels, State Express and Shri Ram Travels, says the article published in the Times of India.

And their client list is quite impressive including such big names like the Bank of America, Alcatel Lucent, IBM, Convergys, XL India and the United Health Group. The duo reportedly has fifty top clients in the offshoring industry space alone.

What is interesting is that the newspaper claims to have asked some of these top companies whether they would consider blacklisting this duo on whom murder charges have been brought. Most of those approached chose not to comment on the issue, it says while adding that even the police confirmed that none of these companies had formally complained about the cab owners.

Police Commissioner S.S. Deswal, has been quoted by the newspaper to state that they could not take any action till one of the top firms actually lodges a complaint concerning the two cab vendors.