Hospitality BPO InterGlobe taps into social media rage

September 16, 2011

With the BPOs fast realising the importance of social media as a tool for customer service, it is becoming a norm for the companies to improve their social media capabilities. With that aim in view, InterGlobe Technologies, the IT and BPO services provider to hospitality and airlines industries, has partnered with brand consulting services company SimpliFlying. Under this partnership the two companies will work together to provide customer service solutions leveraging the popularity of social media sites like Tweeter, Facebook etc.

According to a study conducted by InterGlobe it was seen that for every 100 customer service calls at airlines offices, 96 conversations were generated over social media regarding the same issue. This clearly shows that as travellers across the globe get more active over social networks, the travel brands need to show more presence over the same networks to remain competitive. This is where IGT and SimpliFlying intend to come in. While IGT is a global travel domain expert, providing travel technology and BPO services, that helps maximize business performance of its customers, SimpliFlying is one of the leading airline brand strategy consulting company that helps airlines engage travellers profitably.

Talking about the need to create customer service solutions over social media, Akhil Agarwal, Chief Operating Officer, IGT explains, “We believe that social media is altering travel planning and purchase. As travellers get more social, travel brands will generate considerable social chatter. Given this need, we believe that our partnership with SimpliFlying will enable the integration of marketing and customer support consulting with technology as an enabler.” This will enable airlines to handle customer service issues through Facebook, Twitter and other social mediums.

Shashank Nigam, Chief Executive Officer, SimpliFlying further adds, “There are 191 airlines on Twitter today, and only 85 actively tweet. Of these, only 28 provide 80% of the tweets. Most are obviously short on resources. As travel companies get more social, it’s time to provide options where they can scale their social media programs without a dramatic increase in costs. Our partnership with IGT will redefine the business strategies where we will be able to provide end-to-end customer engagement solutions to our customers."

The joint solution offered by IGT and SimpliFlying will allow airlines to scale their customer service offerings through social media without putting significant resources towards expanding an internal team. This will help airlines and travel companies achieve significant cost savings, drive operational efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction.