Transforming the skills environment in India

August 29, 2008

If our efforts at resource creation on a national scale have to succeed, we will need the same intensity of efforts in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan to encourage public-private partnerships that will build resources for the IT and BPO sectors as well as all the other services professions in the country.

The moribund state of the ITIs, which are only now being focused on by worthy associations like the CII, should not be the fate of services education and this will require Nasscom and the state governments to develop processes and programs and the private sector to work in concert to address the enormous challengeThere is significant interest in the venture capital and private equity fraternity to fund significant ventures in education, which is encouraging.

What is needed are multiple ventures engaged in what Bill Gates calls “Creative Capitalism” — ventures with a clear profit motive which have the funding and the sustenance to develop a model of “Quality with scale” and transform not a few hundred but tens of thousands of lives across the country. The entire eco-system needs to pitch in — the central and state governments, universities and colleges and of course the corporate sector to support entrepreneurs who have the courage to do educational ventures of substance for the benefit of the country!

(Source: Business Standard)
The author is Nasscom Chairman and CEO, Zensar Technologies