‘Quality is paramount in everything we do’

May 07, 2012

Tony Mira, Group CEO & Founder, Ajuba Solutions Pvt Ltd, shares his thoughts on the emerging opportunities in the healthcare BPO segment

How has healthcare outsourcing evolved over the last decade?

Over the last decade the healthcare system in the US has become more and more complicated. The more the government meddles with the healthcare system the more complicated it becomes and the more opportunities it creates for companies like us to take advantage of the system. With HIPAA, ICD-10 transition, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and electronic medical records, there will be greater pressure on the system to process the claims. With that complexity, healthcare providers need support from companies like us to maneuver through these changes.

What makes Ajuba a ‘Great place to Work’?

How do you ‘inspire’ your people? As our tagline goes “inspired people inspiring results”. Our HR policies are aimed at creating an inspired environment. We give importance to ensure that we play an important role in the overall growth of our employees. We aim to make every employee’s experience at Ajuba truly meaningful and fulfilling. This has been achieved through various policies designed to cater to the vibrant and changing employee population.

What is your approach towards managing attrition, which has been a perennial challenge of the BPO industry?

Our approach to curb attrition is also through treating and respecting our employees well. We also ensure that we provide growth patterns for them which they are thirsty for. When companies follow such procedures it helps to manage attrition.

How has the global economic slowdown affected your segment? Any specific strategies that you have adopted to deal with it?

Companies which provide premium services will flourish. In times of economic slowdown customers look for quality services. The slowdown has little effect on our company as we have the capability to meet the standards of customers’ desire consistently. We believe as long as you provide high quality service and treat your customers well, you are well-positioned.

How do you plan to take your company ahead in the next 2-3 years?

Any interesting future plans that you can share with us? We are in an aggressive growth mode right now. Currently we are in the provider side and we will be expanding to the payer side of business, dealing with insurance companies. We will be taking advantage of growth changes which includes HIPAA, ICD-10 transition, ACOs, and Electronic Medical Records. We are also looking for additional facilities in India to be prepared for expansion.

What are your views on the future of outsourcing, particularly with reference to the healthcare sector?

Outsourcing will continue to be a hot space in India. The more complex the healthcare system in the US becomes, the more opportunities it will create for companies like us. India provides quality service and because of that India will continue to be a preferred destination. If companies look for cheap solutions they will be doomed. Only companies which provide quality services will be able to survive in this industry.