“India is now a strong offshore base for the company”

September 16, 2011

Nimish Soni, Executive Director, Offshore Services – Asia, Xchanging talks to BPOWatchindia about the new focus, and business growth for the company in the coming months

How is Xchanging gearing up for growth this year?

Internationally, we are focussed business process services in procurement, human resources, finance and accounting, technology, and customer administration. Post the acquisition of Cambridge our 2011 plans are on track. This year we have modest target since last year was spent in integration of the two businesses, but next year we expect to see strong growth for us. We have just come out of integration last year. So there has been a business change. There has been restructuring of our business as well. India is now a strong offshore base for the company, and we have beefed up the sales activities of the company. We expect a growth of 10 to 12 percent. We see more business coming from UK, Singapore. We expect the sales to be good from Germany and the US as well this year.

How has selling off to Xchanging impacted Cambridge’s business and clients?

The decision to become part of Xchanging was taken to ensure the maximum stability for my clients, company, and employees. Interestingly we got strong approval from our clients when Cambridge became part of a bigger business.

How have you leveraged on the capabilities of the two companies?

Xchanging has a strong presence in the European markets while Cambridge had a strong presence in the US and APAC regions. So together we have a stronger competency and wider reach. The domain expertise of the two companies finds a good blend, and now our service offering is complete. For Xchanging it was a good deal because we had a strong positioning in the mid tier markets, and brought in lot of domain expertise in the financial and accounting segment. We brought in expertise in healthcare technology, and offshore capability. Today we are a prominent player in the procurement outsourcing market, a segment which is not often talked about, and least understood of all the outsourcing segments out there. Xchanging is one of the top 3 players in this segment. We offer the complete source-to-pay services. We help in controlling the indirect spend of an organisation. We have recently bagged a 3 and a half year procurement outsourcing contract from L’Oreal, one of the leading beauty companies globally.

What will be your focus in the new job role?

In the new role I will extensively look at strengthening the Xchanging business in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan.

What is your take on the domestic market for outsourced services?

The domestic market in India is very challenging. The decision making process amongst customers is very tactical, and highly price based. We are still testing the waters and are setting up base by opening delivery centres in Shimoga, and Manesar from where we will offer Tier 1 service at Tier 3 pricing for the cost conscious Indian clients. However we will not talk much about our India operations till we have bagged about 6 clients in the Indian market. Once we have a good client base where we can showcase our capabilities do we plan to announce our services for Indian market.