Processing Knowledge for Business Benefits

July 22, 2011

We are talking of Dr Alok Aggarwal, Chairman, and Co Founder of Evalueserve, one of the well known pure play KPOs in the country today.

10 years ago, Dr Aggarwal had a chance meeting with Marc Vollenweider at a PTA meeting of their children's school, they got talking. Both with a belief that research and analytics is integral to success of any business, put their thoughts together. So in November 2000, Dr Aggarwal quit his job as the head of IBM India Research Labs to start Evalueserve a month later. Evalueserve which stands for Evaluation Services was created by Dr Aggarwal and Vollenweider to provide all kinds of research and analytics services that will provide additional knowledge to the businesses from their existing data, which in turn will help them improve their processes and revenues.

Dr Aggarwal started the company with a team of only five people, which after 10 years, employs over 3000 people across the globe. The company today has full fledged delivery centres in the United States, India, China and Chile, and Romania. Before founding Evalueserve, Dr Aggarwal who had received his B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and PhD in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University came to India in 1997 to set up IBM's research initiative.

He set up the IBM India Research Laboratory at IIT Delhi, and by July 2000 he had 35 PhDs and 35 Masters Degree holders working with him on various technology research programs. He had joined IBM's research division in 1984. After 16 years in the US he had to come to India with the IRL initiative because at IBM the company had started to feel the loss of talented researchers to the dot com boom. In fact he has published over 50 research papers and 10 patents, and has received 2 Outstanding Invention Awards. While at IBM IRL, his job role was to transform business innovations into business models. He also had to market these models to create successful and profitable businesses. From that he created a new industry segment which had not technically existed earlier.

Till the early 2000's there did not exist a service in the by then hugely popular BPO segment which talked of using existing data and creating new business opportunities out of that for the client companies. And it was by 2003 that this new knowledge oriented service got its formal tagline - Knowledge Process Outsourcing. In fact Dr Aggarwal agrees that when he started Evalueserve, there were very few people who really understood the concept. That was because when one talked about outsourcing, clients had a fairly good understanding BPO services, which were set processes that one serviced, and there was no real analysis done out of the results culled during servicing. Dr Aggarwal with his Evalueserve changed that. In fact he states that even today, when the market is more mature, Evalueserve still has two to three years of lead over its competitors.