Indian workers expand horizons for right job

March 02, 2011

Almost nine-in-ten Indian employees are willing to move for the right job, with many even prepared to relocate to another country or continent in order to secure a preferred position.The findings are part of the Kelly Global Workforce Index survey, which obtained the views of approximately 97,000 people in 30 countries, including almost 2,000 in India.

The survey revealed that a total of 89% of the respondents said that they were willing to move for the right job. Out of these, 39% of the respondents said that they were prepared to move within the country while 49% were willing to relocate to another country or continent to secure a job of their choice.

Managing Director Kelly Services, Mr. Kamal Karanth said that the market for talent is becoming global. There is a growing realization that many individuals may have to relocate for work. He further added that many skills are no longer specific to a region or country, but have now become global in its scope. Job mobility has become very important for career advancement. Fast-growing sectors such as engineering, science, finance and healthcare, there is a diverse global demand that can present personal rewards and career opportunities for those willing to travel.

Employers are facing shortage of skills in many areas and there are many skills that are in high demand globally and easily transferable across borders. These include skills in finance and banking, science, IT, and engineering.

The findings show the top factor preventing people from moving abroad for job are family and friends (49%) followed by cost of moving (28%). Europe topped most desirable destination for globetrotting (36%). Asia Pacific (20%) and North America (19%) are the other desirable destinations. Men are more willing to move than women.

Oil & Gas and hospitality sector witness maximum global relocation (81% and 73% respectively). Most common grievances reported by employees are long working hours (34%) and more than one-third are working in the most ‘unconditional arrangement’ (43%). The survey also revealed that 63% of baby boomers prepared to travel abroad for the right job, compared with 50% of Gen X and 49% of Gen Y.