Chandigarh’s dark, deserted roads raise safety concerns

November 22, 2010

Road safety has become a major concern for residents of Chandigarh who work late at night in BPOs, especially near Mohali and Panchkula, reports The Times of India. The reason: Lack of proper lighting.

One of the hundreds of people who return late at night from neighboring towns to Chandigarh after work is Aman Arora, a member of the Dell BPO’s technical support team who in based in the company’s Mohali office.“Normally, my shift ends at 2 or 3 am. It is actually very frightening when I return to Chandigarh. Upon entering Chandigarh through Sector 43 or 51, most of the times, I find streetlights switched off and it is very difficult to drive. In various instances, I had a narrow escape from accidents,” says Arora.

This is compounded by the lack of police personnel on the roads at that time. Minakshi Katoch who works in a Mohali BPO says that people drive rashly and that there are also hooligans on the roads. However, the police personnel are either sleeping in the PCR vans or are inebriated, she alleges.

“I was using my bike to return home after the night shift. But I stopped the practice as a couple of times I was followed by inebriated youth on bikes. Now, I use the office cab,” says Prashant Singla, who works at the IBM call centre at IT Park.

Singla points out “There are no lights on the roads when we enter Chandigarh from the Kishangarh village end of the IT Park. There was once an accident involving a car and a buffalo. We called up Chandigarh police control room and the cops took over half an hour to reach the spot.”

“PCR vans should continuously do patrolling on the roads so that we can feel safe while moving late in the night,” suggests Katoch.